Addiction and Chemical Dependency
Beacon Point recognizes addiction as a brain disease and chemical dependency as the inability to abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol. Often, individuals struggling with a loss of control of substance use rationalize their continued abuse citing physical, emotional, or other challenges in a process that advances the downward spiral of addiction. This characterizes the disease process itself, which all too often can lead to greater physical, emotional, and financial distress, affecting families, as well as the individual, and can eventually lead to a loss of life. At Beacon Point we know that the first goal the process of recovery is to stop using. We begin with medically supervised detoxification. After that we offer our 12-Step abstinence based treatment program combined with our holistic approach. We educate our clients and promote an understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that stand in the way of recovery. Within our comfortable, safe and structured treatment environment, healing starts, as issues that help to fuel the addiction cycle, are identified. The process of recovery extends far beyond treatment, but having the knowledge of truth and the proper tools keeps former clients moving forward on the road of recovery. We do offer to all our clients a stay in our Beacon Point Safe House where they can further work on their recovery and reintegration in life while being in the safe surroundings of our Safe House.

Recovery & reintegration in life while being in the safe surroundings of our Safe House.