Our Facilities
At Beacon Point we treat the whole person. We believe that body, mind and spirit must be treated as one if our clients are to enter and maintain sustainable recovery.

Our program is a 16-24 weeks residential program. While at Beacon Point treatment our clients will experience:
  1. The comfort of our 5 star accommodations,
  2. Healthy, top quality nutritious and delicious Bangladesh cuisine,
  3. The safety of a drug and alcohol free environment,
  4. Personal fitness guidance by our personal trainer,
  5. Therapy by top rated, internationally trained counselors,
  6. Personal attention by our staff,
  7. Attendance of one 12-step meetings outside our facilities such as NA (Narcotics Anonymous),
  8. Weekly outings in and around Dhaka.
  9. Weekly support group meeting

The peaceful environment and utmost comfort of our facility will help in fast recovery of our clients.