Beacon Point Safe House
Our Safe House program is offered for a minimum period of 2 months. This program is geared towards clients who have just completed a treatment but are not yet ready to go back to the environment where they came from.

Beacon Point Safe House is no longer treatment. It is a living community of people in active recovery of addiction who have just completed treatment. All clients have the same mission in life: practicing clean living with each others' support while re-integrating in life.

The Beacon Point Safe House program is less structured then treatment. It is about learning to create a structure for themselves with the help of counselors. Part of the structure will be:
  • Participation of a one weekly NA meetings,
  • One House group meeting per week,
  • Having a sponsor (NA) within 2 weeks,
  • Beacon Point will offer a management course for Safe House clients,
  • Making sure with each other that the Safe House is clean and tidy.

The goal of Beacon Point Safe House program is to allow our clients to build their recovery foundation and learn how to build a life in recovery while taking good care of being self sufficient and self supporting member of the society.