Follows International Standard Treatment model

At Beacon Point, we are following internationally acclaimed, very structured regimen for recovery of addicts. The distinctive aspect of the treatment has a real family feel to it. In course of treatment, the client will become part of the Beacon's recovery family.

We have developed a unique wellness philosophy that will enable the sufferer to achieve successful wellness in lifestyle. More importantly for each client we develop individual treatment plan based on his comprehensive assessment. Our clients first get an orientation, after which it would be determined by our staff that our treatment is appropriate for the client.

Thus based on the evaluation an intake in Beacon Point Detoxification facility will be planned with our top rated medical staff. Our detoxification is different than conventional detoxification program of Bangladesh. So it is fast, safe and comfortable.

After the completion of detoxification (or if no detoxification is needed), our client will be transferred to our Treatment Facility. Here the foundation would be laid for a life in recovery of addiction. After the 4 months residential treatment, a 2 months follow up program at our Safe House is offered. Our Safe House client has a greater measure of freedom, while adhering to a program of strengthening their new found recovery and taking responsibility of learning to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

All in all, our clients would learn to pick up their lost lives in a healthy manner.