Beacon Point Limited is a world-class luxury rehab center for all kinds of addiction treatment. It is a concern of Beacon Group of Companies, where Beacon Pharmaceuticals is a part of it.

Beacon Point Limited is the first top-rated internationally acclaimed and ISO Certified premium Drug Addiction treatment facility in Bangladesh. We have an internationally trained professional team of psychiatrists, addiction counselors, and experienced medical personnel to provide international standard treatment. Our professional staffs, chefs, administrative, and housekeeping staffs ensure that our clients are better-taken care of during their stay at the utmost comfortable environment of Beacon Point.

Beacon Point Ltd.

Our Mission

Our world-class facilities and programs are the basis for the standard of treatment at Beacon Point. Beacon Point has been setup to contribute high to the challenge of making Bangladesh a drug abuse free land in the World. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of persons who are in these problems and help them to stay physically and mentally well for lifetime. Our treatment process is designed depending on the factor that we just don’t give people our services once; we give them a total guidance and planning to stay sober and productive throughout their lives.

Our Team

We are proud to Offer the leading and highly experienced Psychiatrists as our visiting consultants. We have a comprehensive medical team under the leadership of our Head of Medical services Dr. Nurul Hoque, one of the most experienced Physician in our country on addiction and detoxification. All our addiction counselors are trained by a renowned psychologist from London UK, Mrs. Barbara Pawson. We also offer full time/ part time consultation with expert clinical psychologists.

Our Vision

To be regarded Globally as a highly capable Luxury Rehab Centre for the treatment of addiction and psychiatric patients from home and abroad.



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