Speech of Chairman

Drug addiction has become a great threat to our society. It is now a big hindrance to the social and economic development of the nation. Starting from school going children, adolescents, young generation including males and females, professionals, business personnel, university students and teachers, laureates, and who not, are getting indulged in abusing drugs leading to self-destruction of their lives. Those brilliant people who could be the assets of their families, of the societies and of the nation by keeping their individual nice contribution, are on the contrary becoming burden to family, society and the nation. In spite of measures taken by the Government to reduce supply and availability of drugs, the situation is becoming graver day by day. It is a real curse. Hardly any family is safe from this curse. It is worldwide now. It must be protected by all means by joint efforts of the Government and its People. The option of reducing the harms and helping the still suffering addicts and their families for getting recovered and enter into healthy, sober and productive life remains as an essential alternative way to serve the nation in this regard.

With a view to perform a little responsibility for helping the victims of drugs abuse and thereby serving the nation as well, Beacon Group management had decided to set up a drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation center in this soil conforming to high standards of holistic approaches prevailing in the world. And we started the operation: Beacon Point Ltd. at Nikunja-1, an aristocratic residential area of Dhaka, Bangladesh in May, 2013. To emerge with an international standard infrastructure and treatment program, we took support of consultancy from the international expert addiction treatment consultant and addiction counseling trainer of The Netherlands & UK respectively. And, most importantly, we have been taking supports of our specialized Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and addiction treatment experts of Bangladesh to match our services with our own country culture. Now the facility in operation with larger infrastructure at Gulshan, Dhaka to extend it’s services.

A Total Quality Management System (TAMS) for ensuring service excellence has been run by a highly qualified and experienced Professional Team. We believe, our services will go ahead smoothly and reach its cherished vision of seeing our home land as “Drugs Free Strong Bangladesh”.

Mohammad Ebadul Karim
Chairman, Beacon Point Ltd.


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