Why Beacon Point?

During the past 20 years there has been a substantial increase in the prevalence and consequences of the use of drugs which are liable to abuse. This is a global scenario threatening the communities mainly in North America, Europe, Asia and the West Pacific, Africa and South America. Bangladesh is not an exception to this situation. Bangladesh being surrounded by drugs producing and trafficking countries, the availability and consequently abuse of drugs has become a great threat to our society and the nation as a whole.

With a view to perform a little responsibility for helping the victims of drugs abuse and thereby serving the nation as well, Beacon Group management had decided to set up a drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation center in Bangladesh conforming to high standards of holistic approaches prevailing in the world. And we started the operation: Beacon Point Ltd. in Dhaka May, 2013. To emerge with an international standard infrastructure and treatment program, we took support of consultancy from the international expert addiction treatment consultant and addiction counseling trainer of The Netherlands & UK respectively. And, most importantly, we have been taking supports of our specialized Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Internationally Certified Addiction Professionals of Bangladesh.



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